A Little About Myself


Ever since I was a child, I've been fascinated by computers. As a result of this captivation I've endeavored to learn about the various facets of modern front-end web development. Skills I have acquired range from simple HTML and CSS to more in-depth processes like JavaScript, jQuery, SCSS, Bootstrap, and SVG design and animations all through self-taught channels.

Every day I push myself to take on a new challenge, learn a new skill, or improve the skills I currently have. Due to not having completed a formal education in web development or design, I have learned my skills through alternate methods such as books, online courses and various other resources.

Languages and Frameworks
 CSS Libraries (BootStrap 4, Semantic-UI, FontAwesome)
{ } CSS Preprocessors (SCSS, less.js)
 NodeJS (Express.js, NPM, Node)
SQL and NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, SQL)
Programs and Technology
 Editors and IDEs (SublimeText, VSCode, Vim, Emacs)
 Version Control(GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket)
 Terminal Emulators(Bash, Zsh, PuTTY, PowerShell)
 Server Administration(VPS)
Soft Skills
 Ability to work independently or with a group as needed
 Familiar with using design documentation
 Quick to pick up new languages and skills

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with small businesses, friends, and family to seek new projects and challenges. This has allowed me to learn web design from a practical and realistic standpoint. I am reaching a point where I feel I would truly benefit from a junior dev position in which I can learn from seasoned professionalslinux, expand my knowledge and get real world experience in web development.

Testimonials from Clients and Colleagues

"I feel fortunate to have had Aaron design my website from start to finish. Aaron worked diligently on the website and ultimately improved our SEO presence. He is always quick to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues. He truly has offered worthwhile visual and technical solutions as well. I have received many compliments on our website and the traffic has improved in both volume and quality."

-Dr. Eric T Branham, DC & CEO NuVitas Group

"Aaron and I worked on projects in 3 different languages that I already had worked in but he was unfamiliar with, and in each case he was up and running within days."

-Jason Saxon DevOps Engineer